I'm Kaleem, a Drupal Front-End Developer

My services

I specialize in Drupal site building, twig template and css.

Drupal Site Building

With nearly 50,000 Drupal modules, it can be difficult to know which ones to install. As an expert site builder I can identify, install and configure modules to obtain the desired result.

Twig Template Language

Since Drupal 8, the Twig templating language allows front-end developers to add conditional and dynamic markup required for custom features and designs.

Web Design

Creating a compelling design is only one step in the process. Designing for Drupal takes and understanding of best practices. My designers and I can create a custom style for your business that is maintainable and modern.

Website Strategy

The great thing about Drupal is that there are 101 ways achieve your goal. I can develop a strategy that meets your goals while using the most up to date processes and standards.

About me

I am a husband, father, front-end web developer, designer, Drupal evangelist and entrepreneur from Bangor, Maine. Yes the home of Stephen King and Paul Bunyan. I hope you enjoy my projects and find my thoughts useful.

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