ChalkArt Creations
February 2010

ChalkArt Creations




Project Overview

ChalkArt Creations creates hand-crafted vibrant and rich signs and murals. Owner Their "chalkboard art" style is designed to deliver your message in an imaginative and colorful way. They specialize in eraseable and permenant chalkboard signs, wooden acrylic painted signs and an array of murals. They are currently serving several restaurants, cafes, salons and theatres in the greater Bangor area.

My concept behind this design was to really promote her work but in a fun way while also hiting the idea home that her work is done in chalk, hence the simple chalkboard.

The photos were shot by Langway Photography so the quality of the shots made my job pretty easy.

On the administrative side, I wanted a process where Jill could add a client, photos and while being able to categorize what type of job it was.

Jill Gardner What was great about working with Kaleem is that he really made me think about what the main goals were for my site. This was very helpful in deciding what features I wanted and why those features exsist instead of just trying to sell me something I didn't need. I also liked how simple his design was while also keeping it fun with the actual photos of my work.