Saltbox Primitives
December 2009

Saltbox Primitives




Project Overview

Saltbox Primitives Maine provides New England style home decor and furniture. Furniture that is hand made by the affiliate Olde New England Furnishings provides customers with authentic and original furniture.

Design Concept This being my first fully customized design, my goal was to drive home the companies worn and authentic look so I went with the paper design with burned edges look, with the light stars to match with the stores logos. The main navigation is a mix between a ribbon web2.0 buttons keeping it fun with the font and outside shade.

Features E-Commerce: This site has a fully integrated e-commerce system with products separated into categories. This system allows for online transactions and inventory tracking.

Employee Profiles: Employee profiles are designed to connect with customers on a personable level while also providing contact information for various areas of business.

News & Events Listing: A page the lists any events related to primitive decors or company sales events.

Melinda Turner What made me the most happy is that our website has an artistic feel and doesn't look like a template or any other sites in the industry.